Free Consult 

Free Health Coaching Consult

This is a free 30 minute meeting to explore your goals and challenges and whether Gesundheit will be a good fit for you.

Initial Evaluation 

Initial Evaluation

4 hour session includes health history, motivational interview, issue assessment and success planning. May include physical exam and basic teaching.


Coaching packages 

Basic Coaching Package

3 months of individualized coaching (initial evaluation required first). Includes 1 to 2 hour sessions, weekly at first, then at increasing intervals. Focus is on equipping you to reach and maintain optimal health in body, soul, and spirit through individualized health coaching using gifts of healing, prophecy, and teaching.

Customized Coaching Package/Ongoing Support

If you desire more (or less) intense coaching, have a group, business, or ministry; or desire ongoing support after completing the basic package, customized and partnership plans are available. Contact Gesundheit for pricing.